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Fandom AU | Town Hall | Sunday Nighttime | August 2

The evening may have started out like all the ones before this for the past few years, but tonight was going to be different. The spell hadn't quite worked as expected, but there were reinforcements on both sides with one single goal of ending this occupation.

And other... spooky and dramatic sounding things.

"You know, I always wanted to try my hand at narration of these kinds of things."

But luckily Deadpool wasn't allowed to and the battle would commence sans idiotic comment.

"Meeeean. I was gonna be witty!"

[ Should these posts get browser breaky, a second set will go up later on! For OOC reference: Original Info Post | Survivor Guide | Vampire Guide | Timeline | Daytime | Go here if you need an NPC ]

[Wait for the OCD is up!]
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