Fandom High - BDE Journal (fh_bde) wrote in fh_wishverse,
Fandom High - BDE Journal

AU Fandom, Sunday Night

The island stood still under cover of darkness, as it always did. Yet...

Then a silent tremor dug deep into the soil, finding its tethers, and ripping on them, pulling them out of the ground. The island blinked in place, once, then twice, until suddenly, it had vanished from the Alexandria coast.

Off the coast of Greenland, it pulsed back into life under the heavy midnight sun. The light tore away the last scraps of night left to the island, touching upon the ground, the tomatoes on the roof, the lines of the school, and finally, on every vampire that had dared as much as to stray towards a window. They burst out into dust that settled as quickly as it had appeared, ridding the island of its scourge at last.

The sun would keep shining for many, many days to come, never forgiving, never letting up.

Somewhere, a spell said a quiet, quiet thwip as it finally burst apart, its ends accomplished.

Those whose magic had been held in check by that other spell would feel the rush of its return, as the last remaining vestiges of Willow's power lost their claw-hold on the island.

And then there was nothing but the island, peaceful, and finally free of corruption. Even the causeway was now sprawled open, revealing at last the possibility of escape to other, more hospitable realms.

[[ for your reactions, goodbyes, and epilogues! It's been a blast. Wait for final OCD UP! ]]
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