Fandom High - BDE Journal (fh_bde) wrote in fh_wishverse,
Fandom High - BDE Journal

Fandom AU | Wednesday Daytime | July 29

As if to spite the dilapidated structures and lack of electricity flowing through the wires, the sun shone brightly down upon Fandom, lighting the world from the Causeway to the Preserve in its deadly rays. Where there was light, there was safety for the survivors...but the light wouldn't last and was interspersed with showers of brightly colored condoms.

Yes, Fandom still maintained its sense of humor.

Dorms | School | Around Town | Town Hall | OOC Day | Map | Night Post

[ Should these posts get browser breaky, a third one will go up later on! For OOC reference: Original Info Post | Survivor Guide | Vampire Guide | Timeline ]
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