Fandom High - BDE Journal (fh_bde) wrote in fh_wishverse,
Fandom High - BDE Journal

Fandom AU | Wednesday Nighttime | July 29

The sun set, taking its safety with it. Clouds hung low in the sky, still dropping a variety of condoms by the bucketful. The clouds broke occasionally, allowing the bright moonlight to shine off the torn structures and broken windows in the town. Even without the moon, the ground was littered with glow-in-the-dark condoms creating a virtual path through the night for all our fearless hunters - human or not.

Dorms | School | Around Town | Town Hall | OOC Night | Map | Day Post

[ Should these posts get browser breaky, a third will go up later on! For OOC reference: Original Info Post | Survivor Guide | Vampire Guide | Timeline ]
Tags: wednesday
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