Fandom High - BDE Journal (fh_bde) wrote in fh_wishverse,
Fandom High - BDE Journal

Fandom AU | Sunday Daytime | August 2

It was like the sun had forgotten to rise over the isle of Fandom. The sky was filled with such dark storm clouds that it was nearly black as night. This was bad news for the survivors since there would be no respite from the terror of the vampires. With any luck, they'd managed to return to the dorms if they needed rest, but there was no guarantee the doors wouldn't be under watch.

Dorms | School | Around Town | Town Hall | OOC Day | Map | Finale/Big Fighty Post

[ Yay it is dark and the vampires can come out to play today! The evening finale post should be going up shortly! For OOC reference: Original Info Post | Survivor Guide | Vampire Guide | Timeline ]
Tags: sunday
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